Private lessons

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Private Lessons

Owner and trainer, Alex, comes directly to your door, favorite park, coffee, or hiking spot . We will work with you, your family, and your dog in your everyday environment. Customizable number of private lessons or packages available.

Private lessons are 1 hour in length at the cost of $100 per lesson.


Foundation and Obedience Package $400: Four one-on-one sessions will focus on: relationship building between human and dog, leash walking and basic obedience behaviors.

Advanced Obedience and Reactivity Package $600: Six one-on-one sessions will focus on: basic obedience, minor leash reactivity/behavioral problems, and off-leash obedience (with appropriate training equipment).

Off-Leash Obedience and Advanced Behavioral Package $800: Eight one-on-one sessions will focus on: higher levels of obedience, off leash obedience (with appropriate equipment) and more intense behavioral problems. 

*If you have a busy schedule but still want an obedient companion, check out our board and train program.  Enrolling your dog in this program allows for around the clock attention, reliable obedience, elimination of negative habits and a great start for your dog.* 

Additional costs may apply for the purchase of the following training equipment:
Prong collar, e-collar, slip lead, muzzle, etc.

Alex is amazing! We adopted Sophie from a rescue in March and while incredibly sweet, she came to us with a whole host of issues. Alex was able to help us help Sophie. She is patient and understanding with a wonderful sense of humor.
— Susan & Sophie