Brittany & Chopper

"I have known Alex for just about as long as I can remember and there is nobody I would trust more regarding advice for my dog. Owning a dog reactive dog myself, I am cautious as to the situations I put myself and him in. By dog reactive, I mean the type of dog that used to go from zero to explosion at the mere sight of another dog. When Alex got her dog Lila I immediately knew that she was someone I could take my dog out with and trust that the situation would be safe and monitored. At this point not only are our dogs are able to interact seamlessly and happily, Alex has aided me in introducing my dog to many other dogs; which has furthered his progress immensely. I am now able to introduce him to other dogs safely and easily work them into my household without worry of my current dog or the safety of the new dog.  Despite me now living 13+ hours away, whenever I have a dog training question, I turn to Alex and she is always quick to help me work through the problem. In fact, I trust Alex so much I recommended my own mother to her when she got a new dog."

german shepherd pony.jpeg

Jude & Pony girl

"Alex was recommended by the kennel where I board my dog Pony Girl. Pony is a 1 year old German Shepherd with a lot of energy, I was having issues with her pulling and lunging at other dogs when I walked her. The change in her behavior started right after our first lesson and has continued to each lesson after that. My neighbors started giving me thumbs up and several of them applauded with the improvement. I take my girl everywhere I can. She is much better behaved in the car and when someone comes over. I would recommend River's Edge Canine to everyone who is looking to improve their dogs behavior. Alex gears the lessons to what you are looking to improve, she truly taught me how to communicate with Pony Girl"


Karen & zorro

"Just thought I would give you an update on your student Zorro. Thursdays he still goes to work with me.  My co-workers love him and my sales reps think its a hoot that I have him there! Here's the biggie!  I take him all over with me....even if I move the car in the driveway. he needs to be there. He cracks me up!  Anyway, I brought him to my Sis in Law"s house today for a family gathering.  LOTS of people, kids, etc AND another dog.  This was Sophie (that I watched for 2 weeks), after some sniffing...they were great!  We had them tethered to the same post, with very long runs.  Zorro was amazing with the kids.  Playing with bubbles!  They also left food on side tables and he did not take anything!  He was not re-active and he listened to people other than me, when they corrected him.  I was so proud of him and to be his dog mama.  He is truly an amazing dog!  He gets better all the time. Everyone that comes in contact with him, loves him.  Anyway,  you had a lot to do with this. Thank you.....You are the best!"


Alisha & Eddie

"Alexandra has worked with our dog for over 18 months. Within this time, she has provided exceptional training for his reactivity, been thoughtful in her approach, and is always using her critical thinking skills for various prevention strategies. She is genuinely invested in his well being and supports us in our journey of keeping him safe and in a healthy state of mind."


Joe & Barley

"Working with a dog trainer or even selecting a trainer can feel like a shot in the dark without a recommendation. River's Edge Canine - Alex - worked with me and my Boxer Barley. Animals behave in certain ways and have good and bad manners that can be exacerbated by lack of structure and boundaries. I didn't know any of that until I worked with Alex. We had typical issues like poor leash manners, barking and a tad of fear aggression. Alex has a plan for you and its not a pre-determined rubric; its an evaluation of you, your dog and issues you want to correct. Simple strategies on behavior modification that I am confident will help you bond better with you dog and learn how to make those changes stick. I recommend Alex to anyone seeking new training or looking to solve an existing gap."

Johna & Lola

"Our trainer, Alex, was wonderful. Lola has seen so much improvement! Alex was thoughtful and flexible in her training. She truly assessed who Lola was as an individual dog and made a plan to train her according to her individuality. I highly recommend her and River’s Edge!"


Maria & Callie 

"Alex and River’s Edge Canine have been amazing for us! My puggle, Callie, was recently diagnosed with a back issue that unfortunately is chronic and something we will have to deal with for the rest of her life. Even though she’s almost 8 years old, she still gets crazy and energetic on walks.....she pulls and barks and goes crazy any time she sees another dog which puts her at risk for injury. With her being older, we weren’t sure if we had any hope of training her how to behave better so that she can continue to enjoy the things she loves without hurting herself. In the short time we’ve worked with Alex, Callie is truly like a new dog on walks. Alex has come up with several training tips to help us work with Callie to make her the best dog she can be. Her bad behavior in the house has also improved unbelievably! We couldn’t be more happy with the work Alex has done with Callie...... I recommend her 100%!"

Susan & Gary

"Gary and I have known Alex for about 2 years and have been taking private lessons from her for the past 5 months. We chose to work with Alex because of her firm and supportive approach toward both of us in our effort to learn impulse control and positive acceptable behavior. She has been patient and flexible with her time and training goals. You see Gary is 130 lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who is reactive to both people and dogs. Because of his intimidating size and loud voice he has been difficult for me to manage on more then one occasion. Alex has helped us learn to relax and greet people quietly.....now we're working on other dogs. We feel very lucky to have Alex as our friend and trainer!"


Sheryl & Kasey

Alex is great. She is wonderful to work with. She was always on time, flexible with appointments and always sent reminders. As a trainer, I had complete faith in her and she was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the different behaviors I was having with my dog. My dog could not be taken to the vet to get her shots. After three tries and some sessions with Alex we finally got her there! That was just one of the behaviors we worked on. I would not hesitate at all to refer her.

Mara & Cora

Love River's Edge Canine! I met Alex a few years ago in a training course for one of my dogs. I lead an active outdoor lifestyle and it is important to me that I can bring my dogs along for the adventure. When I noticed my younger pup, Coraline, was exhibiting fear based behavior and a general inability to focus on tasks and commands, I immediately thought of Alex. Coraline recently completed the two week board and train program and her behavior has improved tremendously! With Alex's guidance I am continuing to train Coraline daily and she is clearly a calmer, more confident pup! We are having a blast and look forward to continuing our work with River's Edge Canine! Thank you for the fine tuning, Alex!


Taylor & Winnie

Thanks to River’s Edge Canine we finally have the control back in our house again! I first called Alex when our Pitt Terrier,Winnie,started displaying signs of aggression on the leash towards other dogs. We were confused because she goes to daycare and has never had a problem at the dog park before. After our in-home consultation Alex informed us that she was leash reactive and talked us through how we would be correcting her before we begun. She made sure we were comfortable and made herself available to us outside our our one on one sessions if we had any questions. I am so happy to say we finally can walk her without any distraction being an issue and I am able to handle both of our dogs by myself now. Walks in our house are fun again and my days of being embarrassed by my dogs in public are over!


Meghan & Barry

The day arrived, where Barry was going to his board and train program with Alex, and I don’t know if I ever cried so much in my life. That is my fur baby, what was I going to do without him? What was he going to do without me? Was he going to feel sadness when I left? Alex was so patient with me, allowing me to voice all of my concerns for him. I was able to see all of his hard work on social media, which made me so happy. I was so worried that he was going to miss me, but he enjoyed working with Alex. You could see it on his face, that he respected the new rules and needed structure that I was not providing. It looked like he looked forward to providing the commands she was asking him. After two weeks, Barry was returning home and I was so excited but nervous that he wouldn’t remember his other dog siblings. Alex stayed with us and showed us all the hard work he had done with her. Not only did she show us, but she worked WITH us so that we were able to feel confident to continue working with Barry. I say it all the time whenever people ask me whose was Barry’s dog trainer, Alex is MAGIC. What a difference I saw in Barry after a mere two weeks. I cannot get over it, there were so many people who thought I should rehome him. Now they see him and they’re telling me, “I wish my dog was like that”. Your dog can be like that, with Alex’s expertise, knowledge, and passion your dog could be the best dog that you want them to be. Thanks to Alex I feel more comfortable with Barry, that he is going to succeed with the new change that is going to come in January with the arrival of the baby. The work never ends, but the anxiety does. Thank you Alex for the commitment you made with Barry, and for being there for us even after training has completed.


Becky & Bailey

We sent our 1 year old Labrador named Bailey on a two week board and train with Alex. We were having problems with Bailey listening and focusing to our commands. Bailey also had some negative behaviors that we were not able to handle on our own. It is difficult to put into words just how ecstatic we are with Bailey's results! He is focused, listens to our commands, knows his boundaries, all the while still being the fun loving puppy he was before! We are able to take Bailey for walks with ease. No more lunging and barking at everything that walks by. Bailey now looks to us for reassurance and tries so hard to do what he was trained to do. Alex taught us the skills we needed to keep the training she started with Bailey, consistent at home. She has always been available for support and reassurance. Thank you Alex for your compassion and expertise! This was the best investment that we could have ever made for our family!

Spokane Family & Finley

I would highly recommend Alex. She is kind, caring, passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable in dog training. Our puppy took to her instantly and looked forward to seeing her. Alex gave us all the tools and steps to raise a well behaved dog. Our experience with Alex was amazing!! Finley and the whole family loved her!!


Maciejewski Family & The Trio

Love, Love, LOVE Alex!!!! She has helped us so much with our new addition to the family with our two older dogs. She takes the time to listen to our issues and then develops a plan based on our situation. We have done in-house training with her and have also been attending classes. We are definitely going to continue to work with her so we can have a happy furry family!

Christian Evans

Alex did a fantastic job with my dog Owen! I sent Owen to her for a three week board and train after a couple biting incidents on myself and his previous owner. Alex was able to identify what was causing his spurts of aggressive behavior and he came back incredibly well mannered and obedient. She gave me a few follow up lessons to help me keep Owen on the right track and teach me how to properly work with him. I couldn't recommend her services more, she's a very skilled trainer!

Albert, Tina & Buddy

We had been told there was no hope - Our Buddy is a hard case!! We rescued a bundle of love that came with many issues. We sent him away for training, but he still needed work. Truth is, so did we.
Through training and patience Alex has taught us and Buddy how to better deal with all of those issues. He can make good decisions and only wants to make us happy. We never imagined he could be so calm and obedient.
For a dog that cannot be around other animals, Alex has been able to give Buddy a best friend in Lola!
They enjoy walks in the park together and an occasional free run at the dog park, when no one else is around!
If it wasn't for the many long hours, months of dedication (a few tears from mom) and Alex's commitment to Buddy, our baby was facing a very sad outcome.
We are forever grateful and will continue to work with Alex. And Lola, of course!
If there were 10 stars Alex deserves all of them! She is professional, motivated, caring, knowledgeable and fearless!

Connie & Cami

I just finished private lessons with Alex. She is very knowledgeable and can tell she loves what she is doing. She has taught me how to properly walk my dog. My dog would pull, jump, bite the leash and bite my jacket and hang from it. Now my dog walks beside me and looks up at me enjoying her walk. Alex has also taught me to keep my dog still in my house by using place. I can know put my dishes away and do other things without my dog in my way. So wonderful. My dog also has good manners at the door. She sits and waits without jumping at my guests. Without Alex I don’t think I could have tackled all this on my own. She has taught me how to handle my dog and has showed me how to be calm with her. I highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed. I know she is just a phone call away if I need her again.

Meghan, Davis, Pippin, & Ollie

Alex is an amazing dog trainer! So patient (both with the dogs and us!), knowledgeable and consistent. Exactly what dogs, and their people, need. We did both lessons and a board and train. The lessons were great and helped us with minor issues but the board and train completely transformed how we are with our dogs. We can now take them off-leash and they come when called and they walk to heel so well! Before it was a pain to walk them as they pulled so strongly and we couldnt begin to let them off leash as they'd be gone. Worth every penny and may be the best money we have ever spent! Thank you Alex!!

Jackie, Matt & Fitz

I'll just say first off highly suggest hiring Alex if you are having behavioral problems with your dog. We've only thus far have had four training sessions with her and the changes we see are incredible. Our dog was/is having issues with when the vet does their examination with all the touching as well as getting his nails trimmed. With Alex's help we have been able to muzzle train our dog for when he goes to get trimmed or the vet (which he previously would fight when they tried to muzzle him). He doesn't fuss about it and lately we haven't even needed to bribe with treats. With her help we've even been able to clip his nails ourselves. Our last vet and nail trim appointment went so much better since training began. Of course he still growls but he didn't show his teeth or even try to snap at them. We are extremely pleased with the progress we have seen and highly suggest others who are seeking help with training for behavioral problems to schedule with Alex. Of course keep in mind it only works if you are willing to put in the time too.

the turner family

Alex is great. Our dogs did great with her. Communicates very well. Would definitely recommend.